Solar Challenge Adventure Tour

the distance of the circumference of the earth on a solarbike

In the beginning there was nothing. A little later came the earth,
the stars, the sun and the moon… The great light (the sun) to rule over the day, the small (the moon) to shine during the night and the stars as markers for orientation. The human being in this all has always wanted to pursue supreme happiness and explore the horizons on earth.

Sunday, June 2, 2013, I will try to revitalize this dream to make the world a better place by drawing attention and mobilize people to care about our planet and climate, with all possible means!

In 2010 Frenchman Florian Bailly started a 10,000-mile solo tour from France to Japan, with a solar panel behind his bike. Three years later, ‘THE SUN TRIP’ was born: . Today this solo trip has become a real competition that will start in France and end in Kazakhstan (June-September 2013). Together with 34 other participants, I cycle with a self converted solar bicycle over a distance of 7,000 km from the French Savoie to the Kazakh capital Astana, a sort of Paris-Dakar for solar cyclists.

This adventure tour is the start of a real challenge, because after Kazakhstan, the tour continues with the ‘SOLAR BIKE TOUR’! The aim is to cycle the circumference of the earth, 100% on solar energy. A challenge that no one has dared before! In this way I want to draw global attention to create a healthy planet.

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One thought on “Solar Challenge Adventure Tour

  1. Hi, Hello and Guten Tag from China!!!!!!!!
    Markus | german cyclist ….we met on the bottom of a steep climb somewhere in Armenia.
    Hope you had a good journey and are enjoying the last weeks of your trip!!!!

    (Mt. Emei / Sichuan)